Our Protocol

AL-TA’AKEEM is not a simple, one off, sanitization intervention: it is a complete 10 steps protocol granting unparalleled 24/7 sanitization results under a 12 months warranty (*)

Our application protocol follows the following 10 steps:

1. Pre-treatment site survey(a).

2. Design of ideal treatment application, depending on intended use of spaces and expected contaminated loading(b).

3. Measurement of surface, air contamination levels(b) and pre-treatment cleaning(c) of all surfaces to ensure perfect adhesion of TiO2 coating.

4. Pre-treatment cleaning of exposed HVAC grills, inlets/outlets(c) (suggested but not strictly required if cleaning has been conducted less than 3 months prior to treatment).

5. Application of TiO2 coating to selected surfaces as per treatment design (floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, curtains).

6. Post-application measurement of surface and air contamination level to verify achievement of target levels, i.e. successful sanitization(b).

7. Release of quality certificate and warranty and AL-TA’AKEEM QR code stickers allowing everyone to check all treatment details.

8. Selected client’s staff training and provision of informative documentation to ensure workforce and clients awareness about AL-TA’AKEEM.

9. Periodic follow-up verification of the photocatalytic perfomance with positivesurface contamination tests (d) and, when appropriate, negative surface and air contamination measurements (b) on a quarterly or (optional) monthly basis for the entire duration of the warranty.

10. Free of charge re-inspections and re-application if periodic measurements show results below target values during warranty period.

(a) In case of confirmed extensive Covid-19 contagion, an optional one-off sterilization with chemical biocide agents as per Dubai Municipality prescriptions may be conducted prior to treatment to ensure safe conditions during application
(b) Conducted with professional ATP bioluminometer on selected surfaces and/or ceramic tile sample and HCHO/TVOC meter on ambient air
(c) Optional, client may arrange cleaning independently following AL-TA’AKEEM pre-application guidelines
(d) Conducted with a standardized visual performance test on ceramic tile sample with methylthioninium chloride (methylene blue) or red organic ink as surface stainer
(*) Warranty duration may vary for special application cases