Why it is different, why it is more effective

The TiO2 coating* applied with ALTA^KEEM has an average particle size of 5–7 nanometers, much smaller than a virus or bacterium. Figure 2 shows, by comparison, the dimensions we are talking about on a proportional scale.
Thanks to its nano-structure and its stable alkaline colloidal formulation, our TiO2 coating has a very strong adhesion power, is able to cling effectively to any substrate, either porous or non-porous surfaces, made with any kind of material, and can remain steadily bonded for very long periods.This allows the photochemical action of the product, that decomposes any carbon-based or biological settlement on the surface, to remain fully efficient for over 12 months from the initial application.
While being extremely effective, the TiO2 coating applied with ALTA^KEEM protocol is not toxic nor harmful in any way.


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(*) PhotoACTIVE® Titanium Dioxide coating produced by L&G Holding S.r.l. - Italy / LC&Partners are the exclusiveimporters and providers in the GCC Countries