Hospitality and laisure: Customers safety is back with ALTA^KEEM

Public places and locations of leisure and relax like hotel properties and restaurants, can now be fully enjoyed by enhancing their hygienic and safety standards through a long term sanitization. And that's when ALTA^KEEM's intervention becomes essential.
Taking for instance Luigia - The best of Italy at Rixos JBR, the Italian restaurant can promote additional value to its prevention procedures, by ensuring a safe and protected environment.
To all customer, no more stress, just enjoy your lunch or dinner!
Families can also finally let their kids have fun in the restaurants kids areas and playgrounds with no concerns about the hygienic conditions.
ALTA^KEEM will guarantee an unprecedented 12 months protection, which will be monitored and proved to the venue from time to time.
However, upon treatment completion a quality certificate will be issued, including a 12 months warranty on the effectiveness of the treatment with regard to:
- surface antibacterial, antiviral and anti mold effectiveness
- air purifying and anti-odor effectiveness.
The various benefits obtained by the use of ALTA^KEEM are useful if not essential to many realities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all across UAE.
In addition to it, the certificate will include a QR code, which will be also replicated on a set of         ALTA^KEEM stickers which may be applied at the entrance of every treated space.
By reading the QR code, anyone will have access to the quality and warranty certificate and the track record of the follow- up periodic measurements, which is one of the ways to prove to customers and clients the location's continuous safety.
Due to the recent emergency situation the world had to face, these new steps are necessary towards a better future.
Although Corona virus has been the supreme trigger that led to a new vision of sanitization and therefore of its importance, the experience remains for all of us a lesson of prevention and precaution for the present and future.
Gladly now, hospitality as well as all the other fields which business is based on people's relationships and attendance, can count on our TiO2 based coating formula and set a new prevention standard in their workplace.

Be Smart. Be Safe.
ALTA^KEEM. The Ultimate Sanitization.