ALTA^KEEM for LC&Partners

Let's start with Us: LC&Partners launching ALTA^KEEM

LC&Partners, Dubai Municipality Covid 19 disinfection approved company  strongly believes in their product, reason why they have applied ALTA^KEEM in their property as soon as it was finalized.
With great enthusiasm, LC&Partners sanitized their offices, enhancing the health & safety of all the employees and workplace.
Walls, desks, devices, chairs and all office furniture have turned into self sanitizing surfaces, which TiO2 coating ensures protection for 12 months from the day of the application and drastically reduces the
concentration levels of Volatile Organic Compounds too (VOCs).
But let's start from the beginning, how ALTA^KEEM was created?
In light of the new occupational health & safety requirements associated with Covid-19 pandemic, following a thorough technical research across available and reliable options, LC&Partners developed ALTA^KEEM, a turnkey approach for sanitizing services introducing the use of nano-technologies in the sanitization process.
The company realized immediately that this new formula could truly contribute towards general welfare and improve everyone's quality of life.
With such powerful sanitizing tool, there was only one additional step to do: granting a complete service that would take care of the entire procedure, from the pre-treatment site survey and its application's design, to the next follow-up calls and meetings post application.
LC&Partners made sure to provide it all with a 10 steps protocol fully dedicated to their clients and staff members.
Throughout the application of ALTA^KEEM's titanium dioxide, all types of surfaces including the frequently touched ones, become safe and protected. The transparent and harmless layer covering the treated areas,
decomposes any carbon- based or biological settlement on the surface, to remain fully efficient for over 12 months from the initial application.
LC&Partners office has been the first ALTA^KEEM's sanitized area in the city and the company gladly enjoys the great benefits coming from it every single day. It took half day for a team of 2 specialist to complete the sanitizing procedure - Less than 1 hour later, employees were able to walk back to their offices and be operative at their workstations.
Brilliant results coming from a brilliant product and service.

Be Smart. Be Safe.
ALTA^KEEM is The Ultimate Sanitization.