Fields Of Application


Hospitals, clinics, special needs/rehabilitation centers

Nurseries, schools, universities, campuses

Hotels, restaurants, F&B

Public events, fairs, exposition centers

Cinemas, theatres, gyms, kids playgrounds

Shopping malls, retail spaces 

Public transport infrastructures (airports, metros)

Private/public offices

Student houses

Private residences

Places of worship

Construction site offices

Staff accomodation, labor camps

Indoor pools, (including underwater tiling)

HVAC Systems / Ducts / Grids


Swimming pools (including underwater tiling)

Outdoor gyms, jogging tracks

Sports courts

Outdoor venues, restaurants, F&B

Bus stops

Public park benches and picnic tables

Amusement parks, playgrounds

Desert camps

Parking lots 

Artificial grass lots

Frequently Touched Turfaces

Desks, chairs, furnishing


Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards

Vehicle/buses cabins, rental equipment

Door handles, handrails, pushbars

Elevator buttons

Credit cards

Curtains, carpets

Supermarket trolleys

Handheld equipment and tools

Gym equipment