ALTA^KEEM sanitizing protocol grants four key and unique health advantages

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral*

Acting on the lipid membrane of the bacteria, the TiO2 coating denatures it, thus reducing the bacterial and viral load on the treated surfaces. This is the best long-lasting virucidal and bactericidal** technology available in the market, utilized in many healthcare facilities to prevent HAI, i.e. hospital acquired infections. Specifically tested for          Sars-Cov-2 virus (Covid-19).

NOx Reduction

NOx is reduced up to 90% already in the first 60 minutes after application of the TiO2 coating. With proper air circulation, for each treated square meter of coated surface, it is possible to generate up to 70 cubic meters of purified air per hour.

(*) Disclaimer: The laboratory tests conductedon the product certify its effectiveness for at least 12 months from the date of application. The antibacterial and antiviral function refers to bacteria and viruses currently known and it’s guaranteed with the exclusion of mutagenic conditions over time

(**)Disclaimer: the virucidal/bactericidal properties of a surface treated with TiO2 coating according to ALTA^KEEM protocol do not substitute but rather complement conventional cleaning


Thanks to the motion of the air caused by HVAC systems, the TiO2 coating has an indoor air purification effect through the oxidative process of photocatalysis, which leads to the degradation of pollutants that come into contact with the treated surfaces, transforming them into inorganic salts, thus reducing the concentration of NOx, SOx and PMx in the air.

VOCs Reduction

TiO2 photocatalysis also drastically reduces the concentration levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs, i.e. vapors and gases produced by cigarettes, solvents, paints, adhesives, cleaning fluids, glues, preservatives, disinfectants, pesticides) which, when combined with nitrogen oxides in the air, form smog. TiO2 coated filters and air ducts grills in HVAC systems may further reduce VOCs in combination with proper lighting.

For The Environment

ALTA^KEEM sanitizing protocol grants three keyand unique environmental advantages


All TiO2 coated surfaces become eventually self-cleaning*: through a photochemical oxidation process, all the organic matter (bacteria, fungi, smog and more) comes in contact with the surface is denatured, transforming it into water vapor and non-toxic minerals**.

Super Hydrophilic Surface

TiO2 coated non porous surfaces (such as glass, or glossy finishes) are rendered highly hydrophilic, i.e. they present a very low watercontact angle and are therefore more “wettable”, not subject to drops formation and therefore much easier to clean, eliminating the accumulation of dirt and biofilm without causing visual distorsions or nebulosity through transparent glass.

(*) Disclaimer: the self-cleaning properties of a surface treated with TiO2 coating according to ALTA^KEEM protocol do not substitute but rather complement conventional cleaning
(**) As per manufacturer’s claim


If applied on internal surfaces, TiO2 coating eliminates odors by reducing the concentration of VOCs in the air. It also reduces the concentration of any harmful pollutants (formaldehyde).