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AL-TA’AKEEM for LC&Partners

Let's start with Us: LC&Partners launching         AL-TA’AKEEM

LC&Partners, Dubai Municipality Covid 19 disinfection approved company strongly believes in their product, reason why they have applied AL-TA’AKEEM in their property as soon as it was finalized.
With great enthusiasm, LC&Partners sanitized their offices, enhancing the health & safety of all the employees and workplace […]

AL-TA’AKEEM for Luigia

Hospitality and laisure: Customers safety is back with AL-TA’AKEEM

Public places and locations of leisure and relax like hotel properties and restaurants, can now be fully enjoyed by enhancing their hygienic and safety standards through a long term sanitization. And that's when                AL-TA’AKEEM intervention becomes essential.
Taking for instance Luigia - The best of Italy at Rixos JBR [...]